Monday, May 6, 2013

They Were Skeptical but They Tried It and Some Even Liked It....

What is my title talking about? Well, it was the menu for this week with the parents and seniors: Sauteed and Steamed Kale, Lentil Salad and Turkey Burgers. And yes, we had class even though there is no picture proof,  I just got so excited talking about lentils and kale that I totally forgot to take pictures in either class!
We started class by discussing the many health benefits of kale and discussed an alternative to cooking greens that differed from the usual Southern style of greens cooked in seasoned water and ham hock. We cooked our kale with olive oil and infused the oil with garlic and then steamed the kale over high heat with lightly salted water. Everyone was excited with this new way of cooking greens and were eager to try this technique at home.
We also discussed lentils and their long history as one of the earliest farmed foods with a history that dates back an estimated 9,000 to 13,000 years ago. We discussed their reference in the Bible and how they are a really high source of protein and fiber and discussed the many regions of the world that use lentils in their dishes. A lot of seniors and parents tried fresh cilantro for the first time and we used that in our lentil salad. We also discussed the health benefits of turkey and tried feta cheese which we used crumbled up inside the burgers.
In our class session, while everything was cooking, we reviewed food labels and what to look for when reading a food label. We got into a more detailed conversation about daily values in food labels and what to look for percentage-wise when looking at a label. We also reviewed our 5 food groups and went around the room seeing if we had all eaten from one of the five food groups today and, if so, what we ate. It was great to hear from some of the participants about how much they looked forward to the class each week and how they really like having a chance to gather and  talk to other people in the neighborhood each week.

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