Monday, May 6, 2013

Kids Class and Meatloaf Muffins?

Yes, I had never thought of a meatloaf muffin until I came across a recipe for it online and it turned out really good. Even better, I was able to get some vegetables, zuchinni and carrots, in the muffins as well which was an added bonus.  We also cooked sweet potato chips and took the packaged crescent rolls from the grocery store and rolled them up with cut up strawberries and chocolate chips for dessert with homemade whip cream on top. It was great to watch the kids whip up the heavy cream and see how it changed over time to the whip cream they all know and love.
During our class session, we played a game and reviewed what we learned in prior classes concerning the food pyramid. They had to answer questions from me for prizes that revolved around the 5 areas of the food pyramid and naming different foods and having them tell me where they fit in the pyramid.
Where are the pictures you ask? My excuse for this class is having 12 kids, 3 volunteers and kids with lots of  energy meant that my time and attention were taken in by the present moment not the picture-taking moment. Note to self, next time appoint a class picture taker...

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